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Window Installation

Keep your hands clean by purchasing a new piece of parachute cord from your local mountaineering outfitter. Installation gets even easier once your rope has done a few dozen pieces of glass, but your hands pay the price. Unfortunately, I'm approaching the point where my favorite rope may have seen too many Volkswagens…

Pulling the rope 90° to the glass, waxing the paint before installation, and applying Gummi Phlege Stift every so often go a long way to making this job suck less.

Funny faces aside, the pen trick really is the fastest way to get rope into a window seal. Buddy uses the "Deluxe" front and rear window gaskets, like Heinz Nordhoff intended, which adds a little tension.

Installation was, as they say, a reverse of removal, except there's a rope involved. Wax the paint and pull 90° to the glass for best results. Buddy's rear took 45 seconds and the side took seven minutes, because I have a secret…

Hey Siri, como se dice "Bling Bling" en Deutsch?

The big secret? You can hide electrical wires under a classic car seal lip! If you do this, your rope installation should start HERE, not at the bottom like I tried… The aesthetic gain here is well worth the extra stress on the seal and glass installer.

Yeah, that's it. That's my big secret. Engine comes for cleaning next time!


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