Work/Lesson days

   The heart and soul of Air-Schooled. We come to you and walk you through anything you want to learn about your beloved bug, bus, or other vintage Volkswagen.

   Full-day experiences start at $500 and are only offered in the Southern California area at this time. Hourly lessons are available by appointment only.

   Whether you're wanting to learn roadside repair skills,

basic tune-ups, or more advanced restoration techniques, every VW owner will have their questions answered while enjoying a productive and challenging work day.

California Smog Test Assistance

   Does your 1976-1983 Volkswagen have issues that prevent it from passing the California emissions test? 

   Air-Schooled can walk you through every step of the process, from finding obsolete

parts, to locating a smog shop that is capable of testing older vehicles.

   Avoid costly work and frustration while learning more about your car and the state's

requirements. We can help you pass AND keep your car running smoothly.

   All-inclusive fuel injections conversions start at $1500 for Southern California vehicles.

Purchasing and Road Trip Inspections

   Don't buy a car online or take a long road trip without a professional evaluation! 

   I offer a 120-point pre-purchase inspection for car buyers looking for their next restoration project, summer cruiser, or lifelong

traveling companion. 

   Each pre-purchase inspection will include a thoroughly  detailed and personal write-up with more than 100 photos.

   For those about to embark on a long and adventurous road trip, I offer pre-

travel inspections catered to making sure you get there and back again safely.

   Inspections start at $150 for Southern California cars, and must be authorized by the seller, if applicable.

Phone and Video Consultation

   Air-Schooled offers phone and video consultations for problems big and small.

   These lessons are geared for people who want to learn more about their car but are

unsure where to start.

   One-on-one lessons are perfect when you need a fast and professional response that a Facebook group just can't give you.

   Rates are billed in five minute segments, starting at

$60/hr for phone/video consultation

New Owner Orientations

   Recently purchase a Volkswagen and don't know where to start?   

   Avoid common pitfalls by 

learning all the little details that

will make your new journey a pleasure. 

   Schedule an orientation to learn everything you need to start your vintage

vehicle ownership the right way. 

   Orientations start at $60/hr for Southern California cars.

Buddy the Volkswagen bus road trip tools