Alumni and Past Students

   “Within 15 minutes of buying my 1976 VW Riviera last year, I knew I was in over my head… If it weren’t for Robbie, I probably would have given up and re-sold it on eBay.  And I’m soooooo glad that didn’t happen!”

   - Kent; Palm Springs, California

   “Robbie was there the first time I drove my Vanagon. I felt safe and knew that if anything happened, the problem would be fixed quickly and correctly. …Seriously an amazing teacher who will undoubtably put you at ease." 

   - Chloe, San Diego, California

   "His knowledge of all things air-cooled is pretty amazing, and his visits are a combination of help and education.“

   - Chris; Grand Rapids, Michigan

"From the minute Robbie promptly showed up at 8:30AM in his bus (Buddy) to the minute he left, it was a day full of hands-on bus education! From front to back, we went over so many big and little things-which was a perfect overview. He was INCREDIBLY patient, and you can tell he loves what he does and he loves TEACHING people!"

   - Heather, Brentwood, New Hampshire

"I’ve owned my VW for a few years. While I’ve done my best to learn about my van, the process has been slow. Forums are complicated and often have misinformation, my Bentley feels like it’s written in a foreign language, and my mechanic, while great at fixing my van, is anything but helpful when I ask any sort of question beyond "do you take MasterCard?" 

Enter Robbie. He and I met up in Southern California for a van spa day. He not only helped me fixed my van, but taught me more about it in three hours than in my past three years of ownership. I left feeling more capable as a VW owner and excited to feel like the world of VW maintenance–which was formerly elusive and unattainable–is now within grasp. Thank you so much, Robbie!”

- Morgan; San Francisco, California

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