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It's been a Tour!

Seriously. A year since my last entry? Yeah, when the blog is an SEO magnet and not a passion project that happens…

Tour 2022 is officially wrapped up, and I'd like to thank everyone for making it one of the best personal journeys I've ever had on The Road. The work was more reasonable, more relaxed, better prepared, and just plain fun. Seriously THANK YOU to each and every one of you for hosting Buddy and me this year.

I'll be wrapping up the statistics in another post this week, but for now it's time to winterize our Volkswagens for the impending snow and road salt catastrophe known as "winter in the midwest."

Everyone knows I have a comprehensive checklist for helping your classic bug or bus get through winter storage, right? It's on the resources page along with ultra-comfy t-shirts that are back in stock!

Let's go over it together in next week's post. Until then, love and good roads.


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