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Air-Schooled, the air-cooled school!

   Started in 2016 to ensure that people

everywhere have instant access to professional help when they need it, Air-Schooled will help you solve any problem, big or small, with clear and concise technical knowledge and instruction.

   Think of us as an on-call doctor for your car, except we help your vehicle

get healthy and stay that way with YOU as the primary caretaker.

   Have you ever been miffed by how shop bills add up so quickly for minor repairs? Learn to diagnose issues yourself.

   Have you felt helpless when your car shudders and refuses to cooperate? Learn to speak its language. 


   Have you ever felt the rush of the wind in your face as you cruise down an empty back road with an engine you fixed yourself? We're here to make that feeling last.

Buddy the VW bus and Robbie the DIY Volkwagen professor
About Robbie

   After a road trip around the United States, Robbie realized that not many people who own and love their vintage Volkswagens know everything they need to get the most out of their classic automobiles.

   From age 12, Robbie has found himself at home in front of classrooms big and small with students from all around the globe. After pursuing a degree in education, he taught music in two states before dedicating his time and skills to ensuring the proper care and feeding of your beloved bugs and buses.

   His 1969 bus "Buddy" was a pipe dream and later a part-time hobby for years before Robbie realized what is possible when a passion for teaching is meshed with the ability to tune a car like a symphony orchestra.

About Buddy

   The hardest working member of the Air-Schooled team, Buddy the bus is a 1969 Volkswagen Type 2. Averaging more than 20,000 miles every year, Buddy doesn't seem to mind being a true work-horse that never skips a beat.

   Buddy and Robbie have been working together since 2012 while visiting 42 states and helping hundreds of other Volkswagens hit the road along the way.

Buddy the VW bus drives all over the USA
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