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Welcome to Fabulous Stall City

I've always wanted a picture with Buddy and the Las Vegas sign. They're such opposites in pretty much every sense; Buddy being economical, unassuming, polite, and a Volkswagen, and all that jazz.

The year 2021 was looking like a good one, but alas, a blurry mirror shot is all we got. Immediately after clicking my shutter (yeah, I still use a camera!) Buddy lurched, recovered, and died. Full stop. In the fast line on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Several diagnostic tests later, I had it narrowed down to a faulty condenser, which was remedied in less than five minutes by swapping in a spare distributor. I can not stress the delight that comes from being prepared for a breakdown like this. In 2021, we need to be our own parts supplies, on and off the road.

Buddy made it 500 miles through the blistering heat with no issues, and made me late for the first time in my professional Air-Schooled career. Booooo Buddy.

He made up for it over the next five months and 14,000 miles…


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