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Tour Update!

As always, the most up-to-date schedule can be found on the tour page. I appreciate all of y'alls' patience the last few weeks, as I've still not found a better way to plan this thing than copious amounts of e-mail. I even tried the Jack Stratton Three-Word Email Lifestyle, but that almost lead to an engine explosion…

A few weeks ago, I showed the initial map of folks I cancelled on last year and family/friends I need to see. Now I've updated it with those of you who have reached out to me so far… Trust me, this is FAR easier/quicker/less stressful than ANY digital mapping service I've used.

Each colored sticky note represents a stop, or a cluster of stops if they have an asterisk on them… Red dots are friends/family, and every other color represents a rough quadrant of the continent I'll be visiting. I know Boise doesn't have a lot in common with Grand Rapids, but if this Tour thing made any sense, I'd be using Google Maps… Also if you don't tell me where your Volkswagen lives, you too will end up in the Gulf of Mexico, like those unfortunate Pacific Northwesters…

Any band managers in the audience that have experience booking tours?


PS- map is David Imus' Essential Geography of the USA, first edition.

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