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The Air-Schooled morning brew

Happy Sunday morning, all hail the bean juice.

Having spend the better part of my young adult life strung out on caffeine from nearly two liters of soda each day, I have never looked forward to growing into the fully-coffee-addicted adult I am today. After a particularly non-nasty cup of joe on January first this year, I have rarely missed a morning yet.

On my journey into life with jitter juice, I've grown to enjoy the deliberateness that comes with grinding the beans each morning, with setting up and taking down the stove to boil water. I even alchemized my liquid laxative from bed for a few weeks before giving up and began making it outdoors like the rest of you.

Wait, you have an entire room dedicated to making food that isn't also your workshop and bedroom? Wild.

I think the brew I enjoy most, like wine, is situational. Looking out over vast deserts and forests always seem to make my morning mud taste a little better. So while I don't have a preference on roast or even brewing style, I relish the time to myself while sipping, even if I keep finding grease, wrenches, and screwdrivers in my kitchen supplies.

Gotta go bounce off some walls,


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