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Same Divide, New Crossing

Back in the 2021 Summer Tour, I'm leaving New Mexico and heading for Oklahoma. I'll be crossing to the eastern seaboard on a much less dramatic route, out of Taos towards the Panhandle. Yeah, like we can call this scenery less dramatic…

These three VW buses shown really know how to put the rubber to the road and Get Us There. Of course we were camped for the night enjoying a nice tea, so there was no going anywhere in a hurry.

Just the other day, I was in a hurry to get parts and hopped in the right side of John's 1970's VW double cab pickup truck. Whoops, guess I'm driving.

It was fun rolling the window down a little bit every time I went for a shift, and both car and owner were kind enough to take pity on me.

When I drove Oklahoma Highway 412 in 2016, Buddy lost a chunk of an exhaust lifter and made a horrendous racket. This time, we'd be much smoother, quieter, and cheaper. Old VW's are like that when you buy the good parts.


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