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Gutten Tag, Chloe!

Kent (in the blue) has known Chloe (in the yellow) for about five years now, and they pretty much go everywhere together. It wasn't always easy, as you can tell from their 54-page (and growing) Samba thread.

What I love about working with folks like Kent, is how willing they are to jump into projects headfirst without a crystal clear path forward. I really think this builds understanding through discovery and experimentation, in a way that watching internet videos ignores. Yes, being a good mechanic means knowing when a thousandth of an inch matters and when to hit it with a hammer. But being willing to wade into the deep end without floaties has its merits.

Chloe was a "lucky" eBay find, and while she needed severe engine work, the underlying car was in excellent shape. We were the first humans since 1976 to touch these wheel bearings. And while it speaks volumes about the quality of craftsmanship at Volkswagenwerk GMBH during that time, it also makes us wonder about the previous owner who drive it a hundred thousand miles without doing the 30,000 mile maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, do check out my comprehensive air-cooled Volkswagen maintenance schedule up there in the Resources tab. It will keep you busy while you wait for my next blog post.

I'll be hiking up Mt. Whitney with a 45-pound backpack…


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