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The 2022 Air-Schooled Tour

Learn to fix your vintage Volkswagen.

Save money.

Have fun.

Robbie and Buddy are making their seventh lap around Turtle Island, helping you and your vintage Volkswagen take better care of each other. If popping the hood of your classic bug, bus, Ghia, Type 3, or Thing is the extent of your mechanical abilities, prepare to be inundated with tips for basic maintenance, roadside repair, and long-term preservation. 

Expect to be challenged regardless of your mechanical aptitude. Expect to form a tighter bond with your classic VW. And above all, expect to have fun getting your hands dirty.


Lesson Days are filling up fast, don't miss out. We're also happy to offer group classes again this year. E-mail Robbie with questions, or to schedule a day just for you and your Volkswagen.


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Schedule (password required)

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