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Air-Schooled Lesson Days

A typical Air-Schooled day is equal parts fun, educational, and helpful. Expect to get your hands dirty, while having fun learning about your classic Volkswagen. 

We meet over coffee wherever your Volkswagen lives, and start with an overview of the car, your plan for it, and how I can help you achieve it. Expect to start with a cold engine valve adjustment if you are not an Air-Schooled graduate!

Before lunchtime, we will complete a tune-up and any maintenance that comes with the territory. The second half of the day will be dedicated to safety checks, specific projects, other maintenance, restoration efforts, and driving lessons. We will cover common problems, what to do about them, and how to deal with roadside troubles.

To be equal parts fun, helpful, and productive, each unique car/human combination deserves a unique experience. There is no "standard" curriculum, but we'll usually cover the following topics:

- Valve adjustments

- Ignition system tuning and maintenance

- Carburetor/fuel injection troubleshooting

- Safety checks

- Oil and filter changes

- Steering and suspension inspections

- Brake inspections and maintenance

- Restoration/preservation techniques

Parts will need to be ordered, so let's do our best to come up with the day's curriculum well in advance. Once we have settled on a date, $100 deposits are required two months in advance, or I will begin to offer the date to others, who are usually waiting patiently… ​(Early enrollment will save you money, too! Lesson days go up in price when booked after departure.) Please do not send a deposit in until we have agreed on a date. 

As potential dates fill up, I will give priority to those who have already paid their deposits, but I also ask that we all work together to ensure the community as a whole is best served. If I ask you to switch dates by a planetary rotation or two, it will be early on in the process, and it will be for a human/Volkswagen that really needs it.


Lesson dates almost never change after I depart on Tour, but once in a while things come up that are out of everyone's control. If Buddy throws a temper tantrum or sinks into a bog, you will be the first to know, and we can discuss the plan. Full refunds are issued immediately if requested. (In 175,000 miles, Buddy has never required a tow truck, and only made me late for one single appointment. Sorry Scott.) If you forget about your best friend's wedding and have to cancel after we depart, thanks for the gas money!


$100 non-refundable deposit due in advance

Check the Resources page to see what school supplies you should have, and don't be afraid to contact me with questions.

See you on the road,

Robbie and Buddy

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